Squeeze Play:
A Baseball Story

Squeeze Play: A Baseball Story
By Mel Glenn
Clarion Books

Jeremy and his sports-crazy best friend Lloyd are about to enter sixth grade. But the new teacher isn’t what anyone expects.

Mr. Shore doesn’t give the usual “if-we-all-work-together-this-will-be-a-fine-year” speech. Instead, he divides the class into squads, and institutes an after-school baseball team that he “advises” everyone to join.

Soon, the students come to dread their after-school workouts. But when Jeremy rebels against the system, and no one backs him up, he gets ostracized, and learns how tough it can be to stand up for what you believe in. Luckily, Jeremy has a new friend, Mr. Janowicz, who helps him to see the situation more clearly… and together, they work to set things right.