Excerpts from
Split Image

Laura Li  (page 13)
My grandmother’s teakettle,
Made of fine china,
Sits on the high shelf,
Proper in its space,
Pristine in its beauty.
It is to be admired from afar.
It is to be noticed
For its smooth, curved lines.
It is to be handled
Gently, delicately,
Only on special occasions.
Ah, little teakettle,
Poised on your high shelf,
Wait until you
Gather your own steam
And watch
As I boil over.

Myles Klutter  (page 86)
Laura Li,
You doin’ anything Friday night.
The Friday night of the prom?
I thought if you weren’t busy
I could pick you up in the limo around seven,
Me in my rented tux, you, in your long black gown,
And we could head on over to the Plaza Terrace.
When we’d get to the prom,
I’d help you out of the limo
As all my friends would look at us,
And then at you again.
I’d have a smile on my face, ear to ear,
As I’d pin a beautiful corsage on your dress.
To tell you the truth, you don’t know me very well.
I sit behind you in fifth-period history,
But we could get to know each other
Out on the dance floor, with the lights low,
Maybe even be named the King and Queen of the prom.
All my friends would notice me then.
Laura Li, I could show you a good time,
That is, if you’re not too busy Friday night
And my friends don’t want to go someplace else.

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