One Order to Go

One Order to Go
By Mel Glenn
Clarion Books

Nothing is going right for Richie Linder, age seventeen. School is boring, his social life is dismal, and his free time is spent laboring in his father's greasy luncheonette.

Richie wants to quit school and go off to become a foreign correspondent, but how can he tell Sam Linder, his brusque, tyrannical father, of his plans? Ever since he can remember, his father has been ordering him around. And now Sam Linder is determined his son will go to college next fall. Richie promises himself he will stand up to his dad, but each time he tries, he loses his nerve.

Then he meets Lana Olivia Turner, an eccentric redhead with a habit of butting into other people's lives. Through her unorthodox prodding, he begins to gather the courage to stand his own ground.
The result is an explosive confrontation between father and son.