Back to Class:
Poems by Mel Glenn

Back to Class: Poems by Mel Glenn 
By Mel Glenn
Clarion Books

What student- or teacher- hasn’t asked the question, “Does anyone know how I feel?” Here, we meet some fictional high school students, with some very real problems. Readers will see themselves, and their friends in the faces and words of these characters, as they struggle with self-image, enjoy personal triumphs, handle difficult relationships, and face other issues more common than we think.

Regina Kelsey worries she’s The Last American Virgin. Patricia Lampert breaks out in a cold sweat whenever a teacher announces a test, while a cocky Garrett Chandler has an original excuse for his teacher: “I don’t have time to study history. I’m making it instead.”

"A new series of ingenuous, blank verse vignettes from the author and photographer of the Class Dismissed series. The simple language and clearly-stated themes makes this accessible to the most unpracticed poetry reader."
- Kirkus Reviews